What material will work with my embroidery design?

Designs stitch differently on different materials. Because of that, I take the type of material into consideration when advising you on what material you might want to consider for the design you want, and even when digitizing your design.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing your material:

  • Sweatshirt knit and fleece can “bury” stitches, making letters and other lines look very narrow.
  • Pique (polo shirt material) can break up small letters and cause some distortion.
  • Jackets with linings cause distortion and shift the alignment of the design.
  • Lycra stretches, and can pull the design out of shape.

One design stitched on different materials, or at significantly different sizes, may require more than one digitizing. For example, a design I digitize for use on the left-chest of a pique knit polo shirt may have to be re-digitized to be stitched on the back of a jacket, because of the difference in material and size.