Sally Bracke

Owner of Sew Creative Custom Embroidery

My career as an embroiderer began around 25 years ago, when I purchased a small home embroidery machine to do some just-for-fun projects for family and friends.

But word about my work spread quickly, and soon businesses, schools, community groups, and many local customers began calling.

And faster than you can say “custom baseball cap with a digitized logo,” my hobby grew into a full-fledged custom embroidery business. Today I work with two commercial embroidery machines, which have between them a total of 600 Million stitches completed (so far!). And I am fortunate to work with fantastic clients throughout Indiana and across the United States.

Over the past couple of decades, Sew Creative Custom Embroidery has established and strives daily to uphold a reputation for high-quality work done at fair and competitive prices, always with care and service at the core of each customer relationship.

I'm so glad you're here checking out the website. If you have any questions about Sew Creative or your own custom embroidery ideas, please feel free to contact me. I'm happy to help!

– Sally