What kind of lettering works best for embroidery?

Different kinds of lettering work better than others, depending on the size of your design.

  • Block capital letters usually look good even when they're as small as 0.2 inches high (and occasionally even smaller, depending on the fabric and stitch).
  • Lowercase letters typically need to be a little larger to be clear, around 0.25 inches.
  • The “closed” portions of letters, like the loops on the letters p, b or d, need to be around 0.2 inches in order to stitch well and look good.
  • Serif fonts (like Times New Roman) and script fonts don't usually come out well at small sizes. When stitched too small, those fonts can look sloppy and illegible.
  • I will work with you to ensure your design looks as sharp, professional and clear as possible, and I'll advise if it seems that the size or font style you've chosen may not stitch out clearly.

In general, remember to consider the overall size of your design. If it's a small design, keep your text to a minimum and only include the most important text.